Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Hive Tyrant Part 2

Here is stage 2. The model is not totally glued up. It is pinned in multiple parts for easier painting. I have just dry fit this much together to see the progress.

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The main upper body is one piece with the wings pinned and glued. The wings need some green stuff sculpted in and smoothed in with the body. The lower body has the legs pinned and glued as a unit. The tail is not on yet since I will have to bend the tail a bit awkwardly because it is hitting the wing severely .... I will need to play with it a bit.

In the first pic you can see that the left leg is the one hanging off in the air. From the side view it isn't up in the air as much as I thought it would be, plus the weight is pulling that leg down a bit too. I will think about that and whether I want to try and bend the legs any at this point to change the pose.

I started painting the base ... just blacking in the creases right now. I'm still deciding on a final color scheme for both the HT and the Tau.


Thursday, August 04, 2005

The Hive Tyrant Part 1

Well, here we go folks!

Here are the parts to Big and Nasty just waiting for more attention.

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The body has been glued up. It came in 3 sections and weighs quite a bit.

The base is the big white thing in the middle. It's a fuel tank with a Tau Fire Warrior squatting while "checking his corners". He's not glued down since I will paint him seperate from the tank. The plan is for the Hive Tyrant to be coming over the top of the tank, pushing off with one leg. Here's hoping the vision in my head will actually work!

The wings are bit ordered from the Vampire Counts dragon. I think this will be the hardest part ... figuring out where to attach them and making them look like they belong there.


Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Hive Tyrant

Wow, been a long time again!

Ok, this blog was originally set up so I could write about the miniatures gaming hobby, as well as other random junk. Well, seems the random junk took over and nothing gaming-wise has ever been posted, LOL.

Well, here we go. I am starting a project that will be a bit of time in the finishing because I want to do the best job that I can. I ma beginning to build the Hive Tyrant for my new Tyranids army for Warhammer 40k. For those that don't know what Warhammer 40k IS, then check out and have a look around.

I will be posting pics of the progress and hopefully not too terribly long from now I will complete a respectably painted and horribly scary alien!

Please feel free to post comments, suggestions as you see fit.

Right now, here is the way I intend on fielding him with all of his enhancements. If you have suggestions, please leave them soon as I'm building him now.

75 - Hive Tyrant
40 - Winged
40 - Venom Cannon
8 - Scything Talons
10 - Enhanced Senses
25 - Extended Carapace
10 - Acid Maw
6 - Toxic Miasma
12 - Toxin Sacs
226 total points

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Shall we call it a victory?

I'm not too sure.

I've been big my whole life ... except that short time frame back in '83 when I lost 80 pounds and looked pretty darn good. Then my heart got broke, I returned to an unhealthy life, and here I am again. Anyway, upon being scared into seriously doing something about the problem 6 months ago I have been trying to live better. I stopped (well, 98%) drinking soda and all other types of caffiene, I joined the local YMCA and have been exercising fairly regularly. I do water aerobics to keep stress off my bum knee, and will be starting tennis in June (putting stress back on my bum knee LOL)

Anyway, this is NOT bragging because i was really disappointed in myself for not doing better, but I want to share my progress. So I'll update anyone who cares in the coming months about my progress down a late life path to health.

Nov '04 - 308 lbs.
Feb '05 - 302 lbs.
May '05 (today) - 289 lbs.

As you can see, it aint much ... but a downward trend is better than the reverse ;P I was really hoping to hit 220 before the end of June ... I may push it and see how close I can get.

Jars of Clay

Wow, what an amazing show!

On Saturday, May 7th Stephanie, my son and I went to see JoC. We met Randy, a friend of Steph's there and gave him my extra gold circle seat since Steph's boyfriend couldn't make it. The show was held at Liberty Baptist Church in Hampton, Va. The concert was held in the social hall of the church, which would seat roughly 1800 ... about 2+ times the size of my church's sanctuary!

The opener was Christopher Williams and he was fantastic. I must admit I had never heard him before, but I'm glad I have now. He is an amazing percussionist and did a great set. Christopher also played percussion for JoC on many of their songs.

Next was Ashley Cleveland . I have heard of Ashley but had never seen her perform. Ashley Cleveland is all Nashville. She has a slightly gritty, Elvis blues style that is a real treat. I was very impressed ... and the purple guitar is a great site!

Jars of Clay were fantastic! i would love to see them with a full band one day, but the more accoustic, intimate setting of the night was great. Since they are promoting the "Redemption Songs" CD the night leaned more toward the low key, worshipful side. I have no complaints however ... the show was amazing! They opened with "They'll Know We Are Christians" and ended up doing I guess half of the tracks from Redemption Songs along with a great selection of their other hits. The band had no drums and no bass guitar. Charlie played an electric keyboard and broke out on the accordian a few times! Like I said, Christopher Williams played percussion ... bongo mostly ... when needed and even added a few vocals. Then of course we had Matt and Steve on guitars, not to mention Dan's amazing vocals!!!!

We had a chance, if we had know a bit earlier, to get backstage and meet JoC since Stephanie is our youth minister. We didn't get the info in time though, so I didn't get to meet them. However, the church was drawing 20 tickets from the "gold circle" section to go back after the show and meet JoC. I thought our odds were pretty good and we did get one draw! I let my son go since he is an aspiring musician and would get the most from it. He said it was pretty brief and mostly more of a reception line kind of thing, but still great.

I took a lot of pictures. We were about 8 rows back so I hoped they would come out, but alas, the flash wouldn't reach far enough and the only thing that really came out was the back of the people in front of us =) However, here are 2 ... one my son took backstage of Dan and Charlie, and one I took of the CD cover my son got them all to sign ... sweet!

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Dan and Charlie backstage

Image hosted by
The CD cover signed by the band

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Wow it's been a long time!

I had no idea it had been THIS long since I have posted anything. Life has been busy with various things and I guess I just let this thing slip by .... not like a lot of people come here to visit ... though I appreciate everyone who does swing by =)

I've just been staying pretty busy lately. I will run a few things that have been going on and maybe you'll see just why I haven't been posting.

I actively (hmm, good choice of words) started losing weight. I go to the doc for a 3 month check up in 10 days so we'll see how I'm doing. I joined the local YMCA to get some work out in .. the water aerobics is actually pretty good.

We've started the demolition process of remodeling the bathroom downstairs. Whew, it's gonna be a long process. My wife chose a fantastic style and the design is great. I can't wait to see it finished.

I finally got a new car, well new to me. It's a '03 Chevy Impala ... fire engine red. My son says even though it's an old man's car, the red paint job boosts it's cool factor just enough thathe'll be glad to drive it next year when he gets his licence ;P

It's been an extremely busy season with the youth group at my church. We're doing more as well as gearing up for our summer mission trip, so it's a bit hectic. I started a blog for the youth, so I spend time there updating and checking on it, time I would probably spend here.

I got a really nice digital camera recently. As soon as I take some really good pics I'll start posting a few. Right now I'm still learning and mostly taking shots of the youth group activities.

Still struggling with a big issue spiritually. I thought I had worked through it before, but I think it's something that will be with me for quite some time. Which means I will be riding a huge rollercoaster of depression/joy for quite the forseeable future. It's amazing how one person can fuel so many emotions in me, I've never felt like this before. Ah, just wish I could talk it out with someone.

Mandy, If you happen to stumble back this way ... I'm finally getting to see Jars of Clay live! They are coming to a local church this Saturday (5/7) and I have been told by our youth minister (also going) that since we're youth leaders we can get to go backstage and meet the band O.o ... I'll let you know how that goes.

In related musical news ... going to Mark Schultz in July and Earth, Wind & Fire / Chicago in August!

Wow, this got long. Hopefully I'll be posting more again.


Friday, March 18, 2005

ODU vs. Michigan State


Broadcast on CBS at 9:40 ..... you know I'll have something to say later =)

Monday, March 07, 2005

It's Time To Dance !!

Wow, what a game!

ODU just beat VCU for the CAA championship and an automatic bid to the NCAA tournament. This makes ODU's first trip to the dance since 1997.

An excellent game which ended regular play tied at 55 on a 3 pointer from ODU's Alex Loughton. ODU took an early lead in OT with 4 unanswered points, followed by some nail biting back and forth scoring/fouling. I'm not great with reporting, so here's the link to ESPN's report.

Woohoo! on to the NCAA!

ODU: 73
VCU: 66

Image hosted by
Just had to add this cool pic of Alex Loughton